Stained Glass, Faceted Glass, and Dalle de Verre are types of windows. It’s easy to get them confused. I do Faceted Glass windows, which is also know as Dalle de Verre. Stained Glass involves painting a stain on the glass to make a picture. In Faceted Glass windows, I make shapes with colors. I place them in different directions to imply different layers and movement. These result in abstract forms, instead of religious people. Of the Church windows my father designed, since the “glory of God” can not be pin pointed to the shape of a man, he made a white center that radiated out and into a surrounding blue field.  By placing small pieces of red in the blue field, this helped to make a grander sense of space. I worked with dad from 1976 to 1980. He made windows before then and after then, too.

The process: the size of the window is determined.  A cartoon is made to fit that space and laid in a frame.  Glass gets laid on the cartoon and is back-filled with a sand based epoxy. It is cured then the glass is ‘faceted’. This allows the light to bend as it passes through the glass and facet. When the sun sets, the colors in the sky influence the glass colors. The same thing happens in a sunrise. The weather will influence the colors, also. I have used faceted glass windows as a type of “privacy fence” and enjoy the different vibrations that the colors register in my eyes.

I am open to considering custom work for window projects large and small and can be contacted concerning commissions.