Artist Information

Amy Foltz was born in Columbus, Ohio. Her high school art teacher, Mr. McMeekin, exposed her to artistic venues that would be a well to draw from for the rest of her life.

After high school Foltz assisted her father in making stained glass windows for four churches and eleven residences in Ohio.

Foltz took a printmaking class at Ohio State University and engaged in the fine arts program.   The professor, Sid Chafez, opened the way for color experimentation in printmaking.  Foltz obtained her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree after 3 years of study.

Foltz had a family and worked from the home in Colorado for 18 years.

Time came to return to printmaking and secure a job in the academic environment of the art world.   Foltz changed locations and went to school at the University of New Mexico-Taos.  The printmaking professor, Jennifer Lynch, introduced her to non-toxic printmaking methods that Keith Howard has pioneered.

After finishing a semester in New Mexico, Foltz moved to Athens, Ohio and took classes to build a portfolio that got her accepted into graduate school at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD.   Foltz acquired her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking and taught in a small liberal arts college in Iowa for 13 years.

Foltz moved to Ohio and contiues to print with the Tiger Lily Press in Cincinnati.

Printmaking is only one of Foltz’s modes of artistic expression. Mediums that require tactile manipulation are indulged in to balance out the art world in which Foltz lives.

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